Little Wonder Bunny

I wanted to create an image that is magical, yet believable. After wandering through my mind’s drawers for a while, I came to this solution: making a photo-like image using a romantic starry night sky above a warm sunny hill scape. I was inspired by Magritte’s “L’Empire des Lumière” but I didn’t push the limits, so the image wouldn’t look too artificial. The rabbit is here to guide you to your own Wonderland. At first, I let the rabbit out, but then, I came to the conclusion that the magical feeling of this image requires a wonder-rabbit for guidance so I asked Alice to send me a relative of her magical white rabbit. She agreed and…here he is! The magical day-night field guarded by the cousin of Alice’s rabbit who is anxious to take you to the world of magic!


You can make this image yours here and here and let the wonder-bunny bring more magic into your life.

Thank you for stopping by and for giving me some of your precious time!

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