Paula is a self taught artist that had found her way later in life after years of searching.
After practicing law for several years, she abandoned that path as she felt it wasn’t her calling. Throughout her journey she tried many jobs in different areas (sales, administration, furniture design, educational projects), but none felt like the right choice, although each provided an interesting learning experience. Until one day, in her early 30’s, when she had started taking photos. Thus her artistic endeavor had begun. Soon she realized that she couldn’t express herself through photography, as it felt too limited, too anchored in reality, therefore she started to play with photoshop collages and digital painting. That was where she had found a fertile ground for expressing herself and slowly and steadily her dreams started to come to life. While building the world of her dreams … one where everything was possible, where love prevailed, where people lived hand in hand with nature and with the entire universe, she started developing a style of her own.
Her art journey had ups and downs, but she always went forward as she knew that was her path, a path she is still on.