Sloth City

Somewhere on this big, beautiful, mysterious planet, there is a secluded city, abandoned by people long long ago. One day, an adventurer sloth had found it and fell in love with it outright. He brought his family to live there. Soon, many other sloths, young and old, followed. The city was again teeming with life… a slow life, but vibrant, nonetheless.
The biggest adventure for the city sloths was the local library. That was the magical place where they encountered new fascinated unknown-till-then worlds. That was the place where they learned so many new things, things lost in time but engraved in books for eternity. One sloth found his idol in one of those books. He fell in love with Che Guevara and started dressing and acting like El Che. He even wanted to start a revolution against his parents who didn’t let him smoke Cuban cigars, like Che did. But sloths are lazy and this one was no exception, so his revolutionary movement didn’t last more than several minutes. Then he went to sleep and forgot all about his fight for his rights. It was way more comfortable to lay in the sun with or without a Cuban cigar. A cute lady sloth had founded a feminist club in the city where females gathered to talk about the hardships of their life and the possible solutions. But they had soon realized that they didn’t have what to talk about or what to fix. They were so pleased with their leisure lives that they wouldn’t change a thing. But they still gathered now and then to talk about whatever crossed their minds or just sit together in silence, as speaking took too much effort. Some of the sloths remained fond of nature and they were wandering all day long through the forest nearby, some others had replaced trees with telegraph poles and enjoyed the tickles in their arms and legs while hanging on the wires.
At night and whenever the rain fell, they were sleeping inside the abandoned houses. It was for the first time in their lives that they had a roof above their heads and they felt protected and blessed. The city was a godsend to them and they cherished it deeply. They still do.
I cannot tell you where this city is. The sloths made me swear not to tell anyone about it, as too many people would like to see it and their visits would only break the sloths’ peacefulness. But I leave you some paintings I’ve made there so you can make an idea of it.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the paintings, the story or both 🙂

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Behind A Sloth’s Smile

Sloth – a cute face with an everlasting smile. But his smile isn’t a proof of happiness or contentment as one might think. It is actually due to sloths’ lack of facial muscles. They are “doomed” to have a huge smile on their face no matter what their feelings are. I can’t imagine how would it be to have a happy face even when I’m dying inside. No one would know that something is wrong with me, everyone would think that everything is fine. That could be very frustrating. But, actually, people often choose to wear masks, happy ones, to hide their true feelings, to look tough and in control, to fit in, to be accepted, because who like a sad, depressed face, isn’t it? But, unlike sloths, they do this voluntarily. They have a choice.
So, when you see a happy sloth, think twice: maybe he’s terrified, angry, in pain, or depressed. Don’t let their smile fool you. Look into their eyes. There, if you are empathetic enough, you might see what they really feel. And it is the same with humans.

And, since I’ve talked about smiles, I leave you a link to a dear song of mine:

Madeleine Peyroux – Smile

Thank you for stopping. Have a happy day (without masks 🙂 )