WHat is Love?

What is love? Can it be defined? Is love abstract? Is it personal? Is it easy? Is it hard? Is it just one kind of love or there are more? Does love make the world spin around? Do animals feel love? Do plants feel love? Is love energy? Is it chemistry? Is it something beyond us? Should we abandon ourselves to it? Should we resist it?

I don’t know a definite answer to any of these questions. But I know that sometimes, Love is just about abandoning yourself in your love one’s arms and watch the stars sprinkled on the dark, infinite sky. Feel the energy of the moment, feel the warm body near you, feel the night breeze playing with your hair, hear the chirp of the crickets, smell your love one’s fragrance, feel the miracle of life. Because it really is a miracle to be here, in this moment, with the person you choose to walk the path of life on this Earth.

Thank you for stopping by and… LOVE be all around you!

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