Love Spaceship

I’ve always thought my tenth wedding anniversary would be a special one, but I’ve never expected this! For the last 5 years my hubby had spent many hours a day working in our huge barn on a secret project that I wasn’t allowed to see until it was done. I was patient but curious, nonetheless.
Today, the day of our tenth anniversary, the big mystery was going to be revealed. The waiting was over! I woke up in the morning happy and in a celebration mood. My hubby was already awake, extremely excited. I could feel his energy in the air. He took my hand and guided me outside. The notes of our song were coming from the barn. He told me to close my eyes. I did. He removed the walls of the barn and told me I could watch. At first, I didn’t realize what I was looking at. I had never seen such a thing all my life. A huge hearth shape machine on three legs with some dragon-like wings, a hammock in the top of it and all kind of other weird stuff coming out of it. I still couldn’t imagine what that big machinery was but, I was in awe, anyway. My husband led me inside. An anniversary meal was set up on a lovely wooden table. We sat down and had our special day’s breakfast. While we were sipping our tea, the big machinery started moving through our yard. The tug made me spill some tea on my dress, but it didn’t matter. I felt like dreaming. We were having breakfast in a huge walking heart shape machine. I couldn’t stop thinking of Howl’s Moving Castle. And when I thought I couldn’t ask for more, the machine detached from the ground and rose up in the air. That was beyond anything I had ever lived before! We spent our entire day wander-flying above the clouds. This weird flying machinery was the wedding anniversary that my hubby secretly worked on in our barn for years. He must really love me! And when I think that I bought him a comic book… One of his favorites, but still…

Thank you for stopping in my dreamy world! Have a full of love day!

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