A bee story

Many, ohhh, so many, springs ago, the bees from the Bee Land were at the brink of extinction. The flowers they used to visit for pollen perished due to an unknown disease and the bees were not able to feed themselves anymore. They had few days left. They were hungry and weak.   But when someone is in danger, everybody else tries to help.

A magical lady had been living for centuries in a secluded forest. She had cherry tree branches full of endless cherry blossoms growing from her head. In those times of trouble she thought to use her gift to feed the bees in need. She started wandering through the Bee Land calling the bees to come and feed themselves from her cherry flowers. And they came. How could they not? That blossoming lady was so tempting! Soon, some of the bees, got really fond of their benefactor. They felt so protected, safe and loved that they started building a honeycomb among the branches raising from the lady’s head, to be around her always. In several years, flowers started blossoming again in the Bee Land and the magical lady thought it was time to go home, to her secluded forest where she continue to live among the bees that made their home in her head. She fed them cherry blossom pollen, they gave her honey. They were happy together. Loved and safe. And for those days on, she was known as the Bee Lady.

The bees had other helping friends, too. The bears of the world started to bring all kind of flowers from far lands to the hungry bees. They fed them for days that become months that become years, until the flowers started to grow up again in the bee land. And when that happened, the bees felt so grateful that, as a thank you, they offered the bears honeycombs full of the sweetest juice. And ohhh, it was so yum! That was the moment when the bears discovered and fell in love with honey. It is a misconception that the bears steal the bees’ honey. The truth is totally different. Actually, the bees are still grateful to the bears for saving their species in those far tough times and, since then, they continue to give them honey from time to time. Especially when the bears’ food is scarce. And today bears still bring flowers to the bees in exchange for the honey they get.    

Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely happy sweet day!

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